Are You Reactive in your Relationships?

Do you find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns in your most precious relationships? 
Do you have old knee-jerk reactions to the behavior of your spouse, your children,
or do you take offense to a particular tone of voice?
Do you have an inner voice that is constantly judging or criticizing you with every word that comes out of someone else's mouth.
Don't worry.
You're not alone. We all suffer from this unconscious driven behaviour.


During this FREE video we will explore:

  • The 3 basic CHARGES that keep us stuck in lifeless relationships.
  • The 4 kinds of SMOKE that get in your eyes and cause discomfort, misunderstanding and suffering in your relationships.
  • The power of awareness and the benefits of self acceptance.
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Rev. Patricia Keel is a longtime student of metaphysics and spiritual principles. Her eleven year associaton with the Oneness Movment and the powerful Grace of Deeksha have brought so many miracle shifts in her relationships, in her perceptions and in her all  overall well being. She is passionate to share these expereince with everyone. It is time to live in a world where we can fully and authentically know ourselves and accept the other in their fullness as part of our collective Oneness.

Life is Relationship 

Don't wait another minute to feel the freedom and joy in your life. Freedom from compulsive and destructive patterns.
I look forward to sharing you.